That's the guiding principal of Serum Institute of India, India's No. 1 Biotech Company and the World's Largest Vaccine Manufacturer (by volume, more than 1.3 billion doses) which includes Polio vaccine. We are also one of the largest suppliers of vaccines to over a 140 countries and  it is estimated that about 65% of the children in the world receive at least one vaccine manufactured by Serum Institute of India.

Serum Institute was founded by a true visionary Dr. Cyrus S. Poonawalla, to ensure that vaccines do not remain a luxury for children in India. Having achieved this goal, Serum Institute started supplies of high quality, yet affordable vaccines to several countries around the world. The impact has been large enough to make International agencies such as WHO, PATH, NIH, NVI/RIVM and CBER/USFDA to work with Serum Institute to develop vaccines against Meningococcal A, H1N1 Influenza, Rotavirus and other diseases. It is the mission of Serum Institute to develop quality vaccines and offer them at inexpensive prices, thus facilitating several countries to improve their Health Index.

Though Serum Institute has grown manifold, its achievements and philanthropically nature acknowledged, the original goal of making available World-Class vaccines at affordable prices remains intact and is the soul of the Organization.

Launched Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV), Live.

Made first overseas acquisition Bilthoven Biologicals, Netherlands, launched Trivalent seasonal influenza vaccine - live Nasovac-S.

Launched injectable inactivated polio vaccine - Poliovac PFS.
Launched H1N1 influenza vaccine (live) - Nasovac, liquid pentavalent vaccine in pre-filled syringes - Pentavac PFS, IPV Poliovac PFS, and r-EPO - Repoitin in pre-filled syringes.
Launched liquid pentavalent vaccine - Pentavac SD/MD.
 Recognized as India's No. 1 Bio-tech company for the 4th consecutive year.
Launched combi-pack of pentavalent vaccine - Pentavac and quadravalent vaccine, Quadrovax. Recognized as India's No. 1 Bio-tech company for the 3rd consecutive year.
Recognized as India's No. 1 Bio-tech company for the 2nd consecutive year. Launched Hib vaccine - Sii HibPro and BCG vaccine for Bladder cancer - Sii-ONCO-BCG.
Recognized as the No. 1 Bio-tech company in India.
Launched indigenously developed DTP-HB Combination vaccine -  SII Q-VAC.
Launched the World's only adsorbed liquid HDC Rabies vaccine -  SII Rabivax.
Launched BCG vaccine.
Launched indigenously manufactured Hepatitis-B vaccine (rDNA)  - GeneVac-B.

One out of every two children in the world vaccinated by Serum Institute’s vaccine.
Serum Institute recognized as the World's largest producer of Measles and DTP group of vaccines.

Export of vaccines crossed over a 100 countries.
Commencement of export of vaccines to UN agencies.
Launched India's first MMR Vaccine - Tresivac
Manufacture of Rubella virus vaccine (monovalent Rubella vaccine) for the first time in India.
Manufacture of M-Vac (Measles Vaccine) using E-Z Strain of virus on Human Diploid Cells.
Manufacture of life-saving Polyvalent Anti-Snake Venom Serum effective against four poisonous snakes encountered in India.
Serum Institute of India Research Foundation; Autonomous scientific wing established.
Triple Antigen (Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis) Vaccine production commenced.
Large-scale manufacture of Adsorbed Tetanus Toxoid undertaken.
Operations began with manufacture of Tetanus Antitoxin followed by Tetanus Toxoid.  

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